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The Art of Dressing Well

From Head to Heels Your Style Should Be the Perfect Fit for You and Your Brand.

The Art of Dressing Well programs transform your look and empower
you to plan and purchase the clothes that convey the message you want.

We get it.
The frustration of shopping.
The confusion with fashion trends. 
The overwhelm of preparing for a photo session.
When all you want is a well thought-out wardrobe in your budget to help you succeed at work, leisure, and in your photos.
Our goal is to eliminate your wardrobe frustrations so you never again say ‘I have nothing to wear’.

The Art of Dressing Well
your wardrobe tailored to meet your needs

“If you want success in the way you dress, call Julie today. Julie is an expert in style and will help you understand your personal style and how to put your best foot forward. I hired Julie to help me determine how to look my best in every situation…work, leisure, activities with my children. She took the time to get to know me, understand my needs (and budget) and she taught me how to choose clothing items that would be best for me. Since our initial meeting and shopping experience, I have received numerous compliments from friends, family and co-workers on how great and professional I look. From hair to heels, Julie’s suggestions and recommendations have been right on target. Hiring Julie was the best decision and investment I have made for myself. I even like shopping now…it’s actually fun. I highly recommend Julie Thurburn.” 
– Jennifer S.