Personal Style
wardrobing, makeup, hairstyle, personal shopping, closet organization
I Love Everything In My Closet
an inspiring wardrobe liberates you to focus on your day
Know What To Buy
shop smart for wearable assets that make a powerful presence
Create Your Brand
when you're confident you look great, you can more easily take over the world
Go After What You Want
never underestimate the value of a polished wardrobe - or the woman in it
Capture Your Style: Photos
tame the beast of fear with a photo mood board

The Art of Dressing Well

The system that will transform your way of thinking, buying, and wardrobing 
so you can fill your life with the experiences you want
in the clothes you love to wear.

What stops you from looking your best? 
Confused about how to create outfits you love?
Frustrated with the seemingly whimsical trends of fashion?
Want photos that help you create an authentic brand presence?

We get it. We believe that a well thought-out wardrobe will help you succeed.
Our goal is to eliminate your wardrobe frustrations so you never again say ‘I have nothing to wear’.

Maybe you’ve got butterflies or feel hesitant about making a change
but underneath it all…the mere thought of a wardrobe designed just for you
is exciting!

The Art of Dressing Well
wardrobes tailored to meet your needs

“Although I saw the value of proper attire – and have encouraged clients to follow the old adage:  ‘Dress for the opportunities you want, not the ones you have.’ – I had no idea of the huge impact that colours make on this decision.  Since my consultation with Julie, I have noticed my clothing truly enhancing my natural features – it gives a much more dramatic, consistent, and effective presentation that ties everything noticeably well together.  People have actually made comments about  my look, and it’s a wonderful feeling.  Now that I am aware of how this works, people who are  off really stand out to me. ” David M.