Golden Age Gurus: Julie Thurburn – Toxic Closets

Colour IQ Personal Image Expert Julie Thurburn has a single mission for increasing the ‘you only better’ personal style and branding results of our clients. For almost 30 years, clients have experienced an inside-out transformation that results in a deeper confidence that leads to increased revenues and better personal relationships. We also work with emerging entrepreneurs. Our clients give us credit for launching branding photos marked with a personal style to help generate immediate sales.

Brain Language Podcast Epidode #61: Rapport Isn’t Just About What You Do — Visual Rapport

Julie Thurburn, as guest host, and Susan Stageman discuss visual rapport — What are you wearing for the conversation you want to have? Julie is a Certified Image Consultant.  In a slightly different format, they talk about rapport from a different angle: how our appearance can make or break rapport from the outside to the internal feelings we have.