Dallas Fashion Consultant loves Bobby Schandra’s Gadget Messenger Bag

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn, loves Bobby Schandra’s Gadget Messenger Bag.  Guest blogger, Bobby Schandra, introduces his newest creation which accommodates iPad’s and Tablets.

With the launch of a beautifully crafted new cross shoulder bag, Bobby’s emerging design philosophy is that today’s fashions must accommodate the proliferation of gadgets carried by the modern consumer.

“Whether you’re attending school or a professional living in a major city, the gadgets you carry around are probably the same – cell phone, tablets, iPad’s and digital cameras. These all need to be transported and protected from the elements. My latest product designs cater to these needs and combine functionality with style. Its the new urban chic – sensitivity to the human experience merged with a design aesthetic,” says Bobby Schandra.

Perhaps it was the influence of the semester spent studying in Paderno Italy, that initiated Bobby Schandra’s interest in design. Or perhaps it was his love of art, music and life’s finer things. Whatever the cause, Bobby’s natural instinct for color, texture and fabric propelled him into a family history of fashion design. His global aesthetic is attributed to Bobby’s extensive world travel. Among his favorite destinations are the Italian Alps, the French Riveria and India’s crowded marketplaces. His fashions combine elements of ethnic heritage woven with classic European themes, expressed sensually and exquisitely. Always on the cutting edge, Bobby follows fashion from the textile mills to the runways to understand the importance of color, shape and silhouette. His designs reflect his appreciation for vivid, rich colors and ornate fabrics.

Bobby’s beautiful accessories have appeared on the hit TV shows Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Vampire Diaries, and have adorned numerous celebrities as well as everyday professionals. Bobby designs with the active professional in mind. He recognizes her desire to be upscale, stylish and sexy without concern for labels. His customer is confident, sophisticated and enjoys the notion of being an urban dweller, and all that entails.

Attractively priced to sell starting at $195.00, the Gadget Messenger is the ideal holiday gift. Accented with Italian leather and hardware, these bags are equally suited for men and women, who’s on-the-go lifestyle mandates function with style. The modern citizen’s MUST HAVE, these bags connote a contemporary sensibility with charm.

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