Dallas Fashion Expert Shares Tips On What To Wear And NOT Wear At Court

Dallas Fashion Expert, Julie Thurburn, Shares Tips On What To Wear And NOT Wear At Court.

If you have the unlucky fortune of going to court to defend yourself against charges, keep in mind that you will be judged as much upon your appearance as you are with the facts, particularly if you are the accused and there’s a jury trial.

If you arrive to court late dressed in your pajamas with bad hair, don’t expect jurors or judges to be very sympathetic. If you are facing serious charges, you need all the assistance you can get to help the jurors think well of you through your appearance, which can often translate to the outcome of the case. A lack of effort can add to the jury members or judge’s unconscious disgust on top of the fees that you’re charged with, by appearing in court poorly dressed.

We hope you will never need to post bail before your trial begins.  Whichever the case may be, we encourage you to choose appropriate clothes for the course of the trial. You might be presumed innocent within the court of law in the U.S.A., but you automatically look guilty if you are dragged into the court room in handcuffs & leg chains wearing prison garb. If you need to know what NOT to wear in court, just look at any of the high-profile celebrity cases and their fashion faux pas.

  • Michael Jackson came to court late wearing his pajamas
  • Phil Spector had wild, untamed hair
  • Mel Gibson sounded like he was hung over/tired and looked unkempt

If you must go to court and be in a position where everyone is judging you for something you may, or may not have done, the best thing to wear is a conservative suit and tie. Don’t yawn, nod off, look distracted, or do anything that might draw negative thoughts about you within the minds of the jury.

Even if you don’t take the stand, you will be the one on trial: well-dressed in a modest conservative suit with shirt & tie, or a dress designed to keep private parts private is the first step to making a great impression.

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