DFW Image Consultant looks at Hair Today…Extensions Tomorrow

DFW Image Consultant looks at Hair Today…Extensions Tomorrow!

Like my mama used to say, “Your hair is your Crown and Glory”!  If you haven’t gotten a compliment on your hair in the past two weeks, you need to cut it, restyle it or buy some more of it. Hellooo?! Want a fuller head of hair?  A head of many colours? Are you avoiding chemicals on your hair? Here are some suggestions on how to buy Extensions. 

Hairstylist Tonesha Dockery of Zen Salon, Duncanville, TX says “Buy 100% Human Hair!” Why? Synthetic hair doesn’t last as long, can frizz easily and after a period of time may not lay flat. Remember this hair should look like yours – without that static cling look.  Also avoid hair labeled “premium quality or premium blend.” This is a combination of human and synthetic hair. The biggest problem is that it may melt under a hot curling iron.

Types of Extensions:
 Very trendy today and easy to apply. They can be used to add length, fullness and color.  They are a temporary look.

How to apply: 

  1. Part hair starting just below the crown and gradually all the way down the back of your head in small horizontal sections, leaving  a layer of natural hair between each tract.
  2. Lay the tract starting in the center of the back of your hair. 
    Lay the tract a little below the scalp, then press and clip to the hair.
  3. Follow this procedure until you get to the last of the sections.
  4. Blend the hair with a curling iron in cascading curls, or use a flat iron, starting where your hair ends and the clip-on meets.

Sewn-in is preferred in black hair styling, as it is a more permanent look. These extensions can usually be worn for 4-6 weeks. If you like highlights the colours can be layered. Make sure your Stylist is experienced in working with sewn-in tresses, as the way your hair is sewn-in is important. Poorly sewn-in hair is distracting from the total look – you should be stylin’ in that new do! 

Glued-in and Bonded Weave are less expensive versions of sewn-in hair. The hair extension is glued to the scalp. This look is primarily used for special occasions. A hair stylist can lay this hair to eliminate noticeable tract lines from the surface of your hair. This look is nice if applied correctly, otherwise, one wrong turn and it becomes a saggy mess.

The problem with Bonded Weaves? This weave is the least attractive option with the most problems. You can’t use oil on your scalp. The glue will lose its hold and your tracks can come out. Sun can also weaken the glue. Removing the tract may stress the hair and cause breakage and thinning of your hair.

Be sassy and try something different! Up Next? It’s A Wig Wonderland!      

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