Julie Thurburn
is the founder and creative force behind
Colour IQ, an Image Consultancy 
with one goal in mind:
to provide personal image and branding services
to individuals wanting to learn
the art of dressing well.
She started her career as a Certified Image Professional
over 25 years ago working with women and men
to create personal style strategies using colour, proportion, and garment details for the perfect fit and feel
in order to take their life to a higher level
for better opportunities and personal relationships.
Her team of stylists and recommended estheticians, personal trainers, makeup artists, and hairstylists make the powerful
‘inside out’ transformation complete.
A certified life coach and former Chanel Cosmetics makeup artist and commercial model in New York,
Julie has created numerous style workshops,
photography posing workshops, trained runway models, and
choreographed runway shows. 
Speaking to professional organizations, companies, rotaries, and specialty groups, she is known to deliver content
rich with style tips and tricks.