Eyeglasses for Heart Shaped Face

Eyeglasses should fit your face shape and your style. But shopping for them can be complicated.  We suggest you take a friend who can see what you’re missing.  Take a photo of you in the frame so you get an idea as to how you will look when you wear them in your photos.

It’s the little details that make eyeglasses ideal for any face.  For the heart shaped face look for frames that are wider at the bottom, ideally rimless or light in colour.  Does that mean they can’t be a dark colour that’s in your colour palette?  No.  But it does mean that a dark charcoal grey or a matte dark coloured frame may be a better option than one with a sheen or sparkle.

Try on multiple pairs to make sure the size, weight, colour, and fit are correct.

Warby Parker is a brand made popular by making it easy for you to try on up to 5 pair, at home.  This way you can take them into your closet to make sure they go with your overall look – or you may see the need to order several with a variety that will help complete all your looks.

If your eyeglasses tend to slip down your nose during the day, check out their Low Bridge styles with “larger nose pads, slightly curved temples, ultra-roomy fit, and an adjusted lens tilt provide more comfort for those with low bridges, wide faces, and/or high cheekbones.”

Don’t forget Sunglasses! These should be a larger frame to cover more of the eye area than is usually needed for reading or distance frames.  Your sunglasses can add a pop of fun colour to your day.

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