Dallas Fashion Consultant on how to honor of our veterans

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn with Colour IQ, offers some thoughts on how to honor our veterans.

The conversation of fashion is often focused on the particulars of clothing, accessories, hairstyle and makeup tips or ‘the what’.   Today, let’s take a moment to remember the rest of the story or ‘the why’.   The combination of these elements will help you identify your Stylattitude!

You’ve heard me say that our clothing choices make a visual statement which reflects how we feel about ourselves.   Those who want to dismiss the importance of personal appearance are merely trying to excuse their laziness.   Those who learn how to make a great visual statement know it’s a worthwhile investment.

The why matters and determines your Stylattitude.   One of my ‘why’s’ resides in having a sense of gratitude towards those who’ve given their lives to make this the greatest country in the world.   We honor our veterans by dressing appropriately.   We honor them by learning how to dress ourselves well.   We honor them by learning how to pursue excellence in all we are.   They’ve given their best for us so sloppiness is not an option.

What’s your ‘why’?

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to consider how we can show a sense of gratitude each day through all we say and do.  Let me know how you plan to show your Stylattitude this next year.

How do you plan to show your Stylattitude this year?

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