Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn of Colour IQ continues our happy feet series with Shoeology 101

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn of Colour IQ continues our happy feet series with Shoeology 101.

How long will those toes be tucked in those shoes?  And, what will they be doing in there?  Are they crunched, squished, suffocating, and otherwise feeling abused or are they lounging happy, comfortable and safe?

Time or Length of Wear.  This is not so much in years, but more in terms of hours in the day.  You’re familiar with the 2 hour shoe?  Do you have a pair?   These are not good for the workplace, no matter where you work, but most especially if you are working on your feet all day.  In fact, you’re better off to eliminate these from your closet.  Your feet will thank you – so will your podiatrist.  Are the shoes new?  Resale them.  I know this is a disappointing end to a pair of new shoes but the cost of damage to your feet outweigh the emotional loss.

Personally, I’m glad the nurses at the local hospital do not attempt to wear 4″ platforms while wheeling patients down the hallway.  You can bet so are the nurses and the patients,  well, at least, some of them!  Finding attractive, high-functioning shoes is often easier at stores like Foot Solutions (NE corner of Preston and Royal, in Dallas) or Sports Authority (several locations around the Metroplex) than at the mall.

Task or Functionality of the shoe. Rarely does a shoe’s upper determine the useful age of a shoe unless it becomes damaged or cracked. The sole is normally the first part of a shoe to wear out as it is the part of a shoe that is contacting rough surfaces. Where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

  • Soles made of polyurethane are durable, have  good shock-absorption quality and flexibility. Dual-density polyurethane, a melding of  two layers of different types of polyurethane, has even better qualities of shock absorption and durability but tends to be slightly more expensive.
  • Leather soles do not wear as well or as long as polyurethane or rubber based shoes nor does it provide slip resistance or shock absorption. A combination of a leather upper with a poly or rubber sole can be a great choice. Leather is usually the most expensive upper.
  • Rubber, thermo-plastic and latex soles have good grip qualities, shock absorption and flexibility. These soles, however; do sometimes tend to be sticky on hot surfaces.

The sole of a shoe should be determined by the surface the wearer will be walking on most of the time or the function the footwear will be used for. A good example would be leather motorcycle-boots with rubber soles for police officers. A leather upper is the most supportive and protective which, combined with a rubber sole, protects against slippage. Great for the bike rider, but not if you are going dancing!

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