Dallas Fashion Consultant answers Why and What If

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn of Colour IQ, answers Why and What if to fashion.

Why does it matter how I dress?

Making an effort to do anything well is not only a sign of a healthy sense of self-worth, but also a statement of respect for others.  Even your brain knows the impact.  When you are in a positive state of mind, it’s easier for the brain to release chemicals that help you be happy, grateful, and physically healthier.  When that internal goodness shows up on the external, 0thers often appreciate it by acknowledging your efforts with a compliment.  It’s a cycle that benefits you and everyone who will be looking at you all day.

What makes it…anything…fashionable?

You don’t have to have a closet full of the latest trends to be fashionable.  You do, however, have to look attractive and stay up to date.  This means your clothes must fit well by gently draping your frame.  High definition may be great on a screen, but not in the fit of your garment as we do not need to see all that lies beneath.  And, while a tent may be fun during a camping trip, wearing one will only overwhelm you and cause others to wonder what you’re hiding.  Your accessories need to reflect a sense of your personality – but should not be overdone.  Proportion and balance are two keys that will always keep you fashionable.

Am I shallow if I care how I look?

Seriously?  Are you shallow if you want to like looking at the food on your plate?  Are you shallow in wanting to like the color or make/model of the car you drive?  How about how your room is decorated?  Then, how silly it is to claim that you are shallow if you care about how you look to yourself and to others.  There is nothing positive about showing up poorly groomed (how depressing), sloppy (how lazy), uncoordinated (how distracting), or overexposed (TMI).  Stepping out with the awareness that others will be looking at you during the day and wanting that to be a pleasant experience for them is a gift you give them.  Most of us want to work with folks we like looking at as it’s easier to connect with them.

As your Dallas Fashion Consultant, it is my mission to help my clients always look fabulous without being a slave to the whimsical ways of fashion trends.  I am passionately committed to making sure my clients always look their very best in order to help them achieve their personal and business goals.  If you have any questions or are interested in a personal consultation, please give me a call at 214-223-2200.