Dallas Fashion Consultant On A Brief History Of Men’s Fashions

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn, On A Brief History Of Men’s Fashions.

Men’s designer clothing has come a long way throughout history.  Let’s take a look at the various styles and trends that have been proven popular from the 1920’s to today:


What a man wore reflected his class and wealth. For people who could afford it, there were two types of dress: one for daytime and one for evening wear. The 1920’s were home to suits depicting mellow shades alongside starched white shirts. Tailcoats, top hats and black patent leather shoes were en vogue…for those who could afford it.


Jumping forward twenty years, the Second World War was in full swing during the early part of the decade. Due to strict rationing regulations, stylish clothing was not very easy to come across due to cotton, along with other materials, being in short supply. The “zoot suit,” however, was very easy to locate and liked by many. Men began wearing casual shirts and as the war came to an end, it became apparent that the younger generation was setting the trends.


Tight suits, longer hair and sideburns were considered the height of fashion during the early 60’s. Progressing into the latter years of this decade, paisley shirts and velvet trousers, giving an almost feminine look, took the limelight. It was around this time designers introduced extensive jewelry collections exclusively for men.


Top named designers created power suits whose popularity swept the US. Long and layered hair topped the fashionable look off nicely, giving a sensible and professional appearance. Leather studded jackets, in addition to pastel t-shirts worn underneath a dinner jacket, became the “rad” look.


Today, we have a mixture of vintage and the modern. Choosing a particular product from the 20’s and wearing it with something from the 60’s, offers modern men a chance to mix it up a bit. It’s the decade of experimenting and taking chances!

Each season, designers introduce new and exciting fashion lines. Notably, men’s fashion has evolved into personal choice, with neither the younger, nor older generations, setting the boundaries. With such a wide selection of styles available, the task of dressing appears uncomplicated.  But with many choices comes the need to know which ones to wear and which ones to leave behind.  Check with us next time for tips on how to keep it simple and easy!

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