DFW Image Consultant asks: Do you have your Dream Closet?

DFW Image Consultant, Sharman Marshall-Burks of Imagin U, asks: Do you have your Dream Closet?

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest Image Consultant, Sharman!  Colour IQ is honored to train her so she can provide even more mastery of personal image and style to her clients.  Plus, she’s a FIRSTEE!  This is her very first blog article.  Read how ahhmazing she can Imagin U!

Imagin U in your dream closet with a wardrobe that reflects your personality and demonstrates your confidence.  Your closet should add excitement every time you enter.  It should be easy to pick out an outfit without taking long deliberations in the morning or wearing an item that causes insecurity.   You should always feel special and your attire should illustrate the same.

Arrange your closet in color order from light to dark in each grouping such as blouses, skirts, pants, sweaters and jackets.  This allows you to quickly put your fingers on the right item for your activity that day.  Your handbags, belts, and shoes should be aligned in the same way to create a department store atmosphere.  Fresh, crisp and full of color!  Plus, you can easily combine different articles of clothing to create different outfits to give you that brand new feeling.

How easy is it? Do you have a Little Black Dress? Grab a red skinny belt for a pop of color or a statement necklace and watch the heads in the crowd turn towards you! A red pair of stilettos will create a different vibe than a nude pair of pumps with that same LBD. Wear it with a cobalt blue jacket for work or the same color full length cardigan on the weekend to give it a more casual feel.

Prefer to wear slacks in the cooler months? Add a white peplum style blouse to wear with skirts or slacks this season – and a colorful ‘IT’ bag to keep it fun. ‘Grab and Go’ closet arrangements make packing for trips easy, too.

Do what you love and  do what makes you happy. I work with you from my heart and Imagin U mirroring your inner beauty to the people you want to be attracted to you in your personal and business life. My personal mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate my clients to  love themselves and embrace who they are. I want to surpass my clients expectations while providing the tools you need to Imagin U Fabulous!  

If you have any questions, give me a call at 972-754-6953.