Dallas Image Coach Honors Our Veterans

Dallas Fashion Consultant, Julie Thurburn with Colour IQ, knows one way to honor our veterans.

The conversation of fashion is often focused on specific items of clothing, accessories, hairstyle or makeup tips.  And the ‘why buy this‘ conversation is often focused on creating a happy emotional experience – or making a status statement. I want to explore a little deeper answer to the ‘why buy this‘ question?

You’ve heard me say that the clothes you choose make a statement which reflects how you feel about yourself. Those who want to dismiss the importance of personal appearance want you to agree that if you view their sloppiness as anything but a sign of freedom, then YOU have the problem.  But in reality, self-respect shows up in the clothing choices you make, along with a respect for others. Why does that matter? It doesn’t – if you live in a self-absorbed bubble.

What you choose matters if you want others to respect you.  It also matters if you want others to know you respect them. This respect isn’t limited to those who see you every day, it is extended to those you want to honor in your life. For example, honoring your grandparents who immigrated to the states, learned to speak English, adopted new habits that help them – and you – successfully be apart of their new country.

I’m sure there are others you could list. One of my ‘why’s’ resides in having a sense of gratitude towards those who’ve given their lives or their limbs to make this country great. I think we honor our veterans by dressing well. We honor them by dressing respectfully. We honor them by pursuing excellence in all that we are. After all, they’ve given their best, their all, for us.

Our veterans did not conduct business ‘casually’. And, rarely were they comfortable. Every item worn was intended to accomplish a specific purpose. They were, and remain, prepared.  Who do you honor with your clothing choices?

Remembering that the ‘what’ reveals the ‘why’.

As your Dallas Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper, it is my mission to help my clients always look fabulous, without being a slave to the whimsical ways of fashion trends. I am passionately committed to making sure my clients always look their very best in order to help them achieve their personal and business goals. If you have any questions or are interested in a personal consultation, give Julie a call at 214-223-2200.

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