Dallas Image Coach Loves The Haters

Dallas Image Coach, Julie Thurburn of Colour IQ, Loves The Haters 

Maybe you work with them or live with them or are somehow related to them.  At the very least you have somehow, some way encountered a HATER.  What do they HATE?  The very thing we LOVE!  They HATE shopping…HATE dressing up…HATE wearing makeup.  It’s all so stressful for them – and you (hearing about it) – until they LEARN. THE. SECRET.

What’s the secret to turning a HATER into a LOVER?  Eliminating the stress and reducing the effort by knowing what to wear, where to shop, when to shop, and how to put it all together.  Making it so easy that it seems relatively effortless – while netting a great ROI of increased compliments, easier sales to close, better dating options, better job options, and more money.

Stepping back from the noise of mall marketing (which requires nonstop decision making) by knowing what to say ‘no’ to before stepping into the store is very powerful.   Lose the pressure to enter every store or buy every trend.  Don’t go shopping every weekend.  Learn which pieces to invest your money. Shop smarter.

Knowing general guidelines is helpful but let’s face it, you don’t ‘generally’ get dressed every day.  You specifically dress YOU to accomplish specific goals.  If you’re not getting the ROI you want, then you need to change your strategy.  Being a HATER only prevents you from reaping the benefits of knowing what to love from a distance and what to take home with you.  The effort in getting dressed is not about the time it takes to get dressed each day, it’s about learning what to wear so that looking good is relatively effortless.

Or, let us shop for you.

As your Dallas Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper, it is my mission to help my clients always look fabulous, without being a slave to the whimsical ways of fashion trends. I am passionately committed to making sure my clients always look their very best in order to help them achieve their personal and business goals. If you have any questions or are interested in a personal consultation, give Julie a call at 214-223-2200.

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