Men of Style details


So, you’re going to buy a white shirt. Simple, right?  But what’s that shirt going to actually look like?  Should it have a placket? One or two buttons on the cuff?  What type of collar spread?  What fabric should it be? 

How about those jeans?  Should they be boot cut, straight, relaxed, or skinny? What style of pockets?  Button front or zip?  What dye? Should the back pockets have a design?  How about a flap on those pockets? 

Plus, how do you create ensembles that make you look smart?

So many details to know before you leave the house or add an item to the shopping cart. 

Make it easy!  This program is $99

Men of Style is an online program providing you with all the garment details you need to create a wardrobe that fits perfectly, no matter what the item. For every occasion. Program options:

  • Create your own Men of Style profile with the easy to follow directions provided on the online site
  •  Contact Julie to answer any questions