Photo Fabulous Interview with Cynthia Santiago

If you want professional results, you have to work with a professional.  You will shorten your frustration time and learning curve and get the results you want – faster. 

But what if it’s something you’ve been doing your entire life?  We’ve been taking photos since before we were born; however, today photos are sent out to the universe, not just to family.  We are creating a photographic legacy and, as all legacies go, for it to be good we need a strategy. 

Modeling Secrets has asked Cynthia Santiago to teach us the strategy professional models use during their photo shoots.  After all, even models have body image issues.  And as professionals, we have to get the negative chatter out of our focus in order to create great moments. 

It’s not just about taking a photo.  It’s about capturing that fabulous woman inside you – the girl, the brilliant professional, the courageous survivor, the fun girlfriend, the excited entrepreneur, the soon-to-be bride… 

We have so many moments to celebrate well so that future generations will be inspired to keep growing forward just because we’re worth it.  Let’s do this together.  Here’s Cynthia: 


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