Newsletter Sep. 2013 v1

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This week, VOGUE, shows off polished techie style in its interview with Yahoo Chief Marissa Mayer… [more]

What’s the ‘IT’ colour this fall? BOLD! Let go of the bright colors and breezy clothing that we flaunted during the spring and summer… [more]

Jeans are one staple that every woman must have in their closet since they can easily be dressed up or down… [more]

Personal Branding is a hot topic for today’s entrepreneur because unless you are very tiny you cannot hide behind a business card… [more]

Lipology: The study of what your Lipstick says about you. Have you ever wondered what your lipstick colour says about you?… [more]

Crissy Broeske, Founder

Sandra Cude: Clothing Stylist

Kim Barnes: Mens Clothier