"As a 33-year-old female, it is sad to say that I had no idea what I was doing with the clothes in my closet. For my entire adult life, I let my career dictate what I was going to wear and anything besides that was a guessing game at best. The amount of stress going to stores to pick out clothes was too much to bear. For that reason, 90% of my outfits were unflattering and I had zero confidence in myself. I can safely say, Julie was the light in the darkest of tunnels. Her expertise, professionalism, and kindness changed my entire life. Every single step of the way I felt heard and important. She designed the entire plan to help me see myself in an entirely new way. I had the most fun learning from her and I have officially bloomed with confidence! Every person on this planet can benefit from Julie. I love sharing with everyone I meet about my experience because they ask about what changed in me to achieve such amazing results. This is a rare, life-changing process and I hope my testimonial inspires someone to believe that they deserve to feel confident and beautiful in any situation. Julie has the power to instill overflowing confidence in any person who wants it. She is the rarest of finds!!"
Scotti C.