• A Colour Analysis To Discover Your Ideal Colour Palette
  • Your Personal Style Analysis Reveals The Lines And Styles Of Clothes That Flatter You The Most
  • Julie Will Curate And Organize Your Closet
  • Up to 2 Hairstyles With Colour Options Will Be Provided To You By Julie
  • Pre-Shopping By Julie, Precedes One 4-hour Shopping Excursion To Try On Garments Set Aside Just For You
  • Includes Your Colour Swatches To Use During Shopping Trips For Clothing, Accessories, and Shoes
  • Includes An Online Style Profile For You To Refer To Anytime
  • Includes The Language Of Colour Guide With Tips On The Meaning Of Each Colour
  • Join The Community Of Individuals Who Prioritize Successful Personal Branding Practices
  • 8.5 Hours

“Julie Thurburn is a wonderful style coach. She has helped me choosing clothing in colors and styles that make me feel empowered. She always says that when you look good on the outside, it helps you feel good and confident on the inside. She is so right because with her guidance I no longer struggle of what to wear. I can focus on my day! Thank you Julie for helping me be my best inside and out!”  Michelle LeBlanc Sedtal, Web and Graphic Designer at Cornerstone BTI

“Although I saw the value of proper attire – and have encouraged clients to follow the old adage: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” – I had no idea of the huge impact that colors make on this decision. Since my consultation with Julie, I have noticed my clothing truly enhancing my natural features – it gives a much more dramatic, consistent, and effective “presentation” that ties everything noticeably well together. People have actually made comments about my look, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Now that I am “aware” of how this works, people that are ‘off’ really stand out to me.” David M.

 “Julie has a keen fashion sense and style interpretation that gives her counsel and guidance a very realistic approach to an individual’s personal appearance that will maximize a person’s positive visual first impression. Her enthusiasm and professionalism gives added impact to her work and make her a valuable resource for any individual or business.” Marc J.