Brush Your Body

Revitalize your skin by brushing your body!
Dry brushing helps improve your circulation, reduces cellulite, and eliminates the collection of dead skin.
Try it
Sensitive skin?  Use the brush in the shower.

Using a natural bristle brush
start with your feet first,
brushing your legs in a circular motion all the way up.

Brush your torso by
moving the brush in a clockwise direction.
Then brush your hands and arms.
You can do this before, during, or after a shower/bath.

Choose the right tools

There are a variety of brush sizes and shapes.
Gloves also work.

Choose the one that best fits your body.
Or, have more than 1 option for the different areas of your body.
It may be easier to get all around your feet using gloves,
a small brush for your legs and arms,
and a medium or large brush for your torso.

Long handled body brushes are ideal for your back. The reverse side is great for a lymph gland massage.

If reaching your back is a struggle, use a body brush strap.

Hold one end in each hand; start on your left shoulder and
work it towards the right hip.
Then move to your right shoulder and work it towards your left hip.

Remember the lotion! 
Protect your skin by applying lotion.
Broken, scratched, dry skin is more vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Will you get results like this?  Yes!
IF you take the time to take care of the skin you’re in.

This summer you can look as content and relaxed as her.

Did this help?  I hope so.
Take good care of you and your skin. You’re worth it!

Let me know how I can help you enjoy dressing the skin you’re in.

Julie Thurburn, CIP
Wear Fabulous. Be Fabulous. Always!