The Lasting Impact of High Contrast

Even women with nerves of steal can melt at the thought of getting all dressed up for a special event.  So if your palms get sweaty take a deep breathe and peruse through a few ideas that can help you fall in love. 

But first, exactly what impact do you really want to have in that moment?  Do you want to be a little daring?  How about playful? Or, do you just want to feel the power of wearing clothes that make you stand tall?  This is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone.

You never know…your wishes may come true when you wear the style considered to be the most powerful of all…high contrast!

How is it done? By combining brights with dark’s, such as this deep navy and bright red suit:

Or go all bright – with a bright colour or bright, shiny fabrics:

You’re guaranteed to be  ‘seen’ and greeted with respect.  But this isn’t the outfit to wear if you want to have deep, intimate conversations with others.  While the essence of who you are doesn’t change, you will look like you’re focused on bigger things than mindless conversations.

Make sure your hair and makeup tell the same story so you are head-to-toe consistent.  Makeup should be masterfully applied with a single focus: either a strong lip or a strong eye so as to complement the outfit, not compete with it.  Likewise, hair should be off the face so the outfit is the main feature.  Then, finish the look with a few pieces of beautiful, understated jewelry. 

Got the idea?  Now, give it a try in your own closet.  Bring out that bright purple dress to wear with a metallic scarf, silver pumps, and a fuchsia lipstick.  If you prefer pants, wear your deep red suit with a black bow blouse, and red stilettos; or opt for a metallic blue sheath dress with matching shoes and a lemon yellow cropped jacket or statement necklace. 

This is your moment.  Enjoy! You’re worth it.  Need some help?  Tell me what you want to know more about.

Julie Thurburn, CIP
P.S. Thank you for sharing this information with the fabulous women in your life.